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Empowering Young Writers
The Teacher's Attention
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Make Yourself a Teacher
Teaching What You Don't Know

About Teachers Audiobooks

Teachers Audiobooks offers hundreds of titles from university and academic presses, including award-winners, recent classics, and cutting edge texts. All titles are published by award-winning University Press Audiobooks.

About University Press Audiobooks

Teachers Audiobooks is brought to you by University Press Audiobooks, the largest audiobook publisher of university press titles.

We are proud to present a growing list of titles on Teachers subjects, with more titles forthcoming.

University Press Audiobooks debuted in 1995 with the mission to publish academic audiobooks. Among the famous authors whose works have been published by University Press Audiobooks on cassette and CD are Carl Sagan, Stephen Jay Gould, Steven Pinker, Jared Diamond, Richard Feynman, Stephen Hawking, Noam Chomsky, E. O. Wilson, Patricia Churchland, Paul Churchland, Hilary Putnam, Daniel Dennett, Umberto Eco, Michel Foucault, John McPhee, and many others. For its work, University Press Audiobooks received the Publisher Weekly award for “Best Continuing Audiobook Series.”

Now available on audio download, University Press Audiobooks presents hundreds of new titles, representing the best of the university presses and featuring distinguished authors and award-winning narrators.

In addition, University Press Audiobooks presents dozens of informative introductory texts on a range of subjects. The books are published by Chelsea House Publishers, a leading educational publisher, and are available in most libraries. They offer essential information for the interested listener, written in an engaging style.

About Redwood Audiobooks

Redwood Audiobooks is owned and operated by Margy and Lawrence Bauman. Margy Bauman is President and Chief Operating Officer, Lawrence Bauman is Publisher.

Since 1990, Redwood Audiobooks has been publishing quality nonfiction audiobooks under a number of imprints, including Audio Scholar, Listen to Genius! and University Press Audiobooks. Redwood Audiobooks also co-published Wiley Audio, McGraw-Hill Audio, HealthText Audiobooks, and Field & Stream Audiobooks.

Redwood Audiobooks has received several prestigious awards from Publishers Weekly:

  • Best Audiobook Series (Listen to Genius!)
  • Best Continuing Audiobook Series (University Press Audiobooks)
  • Academic Matters Award (University Press Audiobooks)
  • Science & Technology Award (Chelsea House Health Series)
  • Ambitious Literary Project Award (University Press Audiobooks)

Redwood Audiobooks also produces audiobooks for McGraw-Hill, over a hundred titles since 2004.

Mailing Address:

Redwood Audiobooks
POB 1456
Mendocino, CA 95460

All titles are published by:
University Press Audiobooks
an imprint of Redwood Audiobooks

University Press Audiobooks